The Bosco Programming Language

A basic programming language named after Allegheny CS's favorite dog! Comes with PL grammar, a scanner, and a parser.


Python, Compilers (Scanner & Parser)


Spring 2019

About Project

This project created a simple language for a whimsical programming language called "Bosco". This language contains a number of dog-related elements, such as reserved keywords like "woof", "bone", "speak", and more. The grammar for the language took inspiration from languages such as Java, Python, and Decaf.

Additionally, the project also comes with several sample programs programmed using the Bosco language's grammar. With this, the project also includes a working scanner and parser written in Python, using the PLY package to simplify the process. The scanner and parser correctly recognize and handle the language's tokens, while providing errors when necessary.

To read more about the Bosco programming language and learn about its grammar, please read the Project Report.