An open-source tool implemented that analyzes GitHub respository metrics to determine the level of contribution made by individual developers, giving them an overall contribution score.




Jan-Feb 2021

About Project

Cogitate is a free and open-source tool written in Python. It is designed to evaluate the level of contributions for members of a GitHub repository. GatorCogitate generates a score for members based on a variety of metrics including lines added, lines deleted, pull requests, issue tracker contributions, and more.

This project was developed by around 40 student developers from Allegheny College during the Spring 2020 Software Engineering course. Students worked together in this large-scale team to design, implement, and test the tool. The tool ended up working extremely well!

I ended up being one of the project's biggest contributors, ending up with the most commits on the repository. I was a Software Architect, responsible for coming up with an efficient and thoughtfully planned tool design. I was also the leader of a Web Development team with 8 members. In this role, I worked to delegate tasks to different team members and implement code that would visualize the metrics gathered/calculated by other teams in a web-based format, using Streamlit.

This project was one of the coolest I have worked on, I hope you check it out!