Netapp Internship Capstone Project

I worked in a student internship scrum team to enhance NetApp's existing RESTful API vizualizer by adding deep search and automatic version tracking features.


HTML, JavaScript, CSS, & REACT


Jan-May 2021

About Project

I was lucky enough to be selected by NetApp to participate in a collaborative internship course at Allegheny College. This course did not have any actual "class sessions" and with this was structured as a normal internship, where students had weekly sprint meetings with NetApp engineers and worked in a scrum team to complete development tasks. GitHub Project/Story Boards, the issue tracker, pull requests, Slack, and other technologies were used to organize the team during this project during sprints.

My student internship team was tasked with determining how to give ONTAP customers regularly accessing NetApp's RESTful APIs an enhanced user experience. The visualizer needed to have deep searching and automated version tracking features, while keeping the existing functionalities offered by the existing API vizualizer. We could choose to either enhance the existing API vizualizer, Swagger UI, or move to another vizualizer. My team performed research on alternative vizualizers to determine their pros/cons, eventually deciding that implementing the new features in Swagger UI would be the best approach as we could keep it's existing functionality used by ONTAP customers and NetApp would not have to transition to another vizualizer.

Using technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and REACT, my internship team successfully implemented deep searching and version tracking features that can be used by ONTAP customers. No longer do users of the vizualizer have to manually expand API endpoints to find specific attributes, keywords, etc., they can simply use the deep searching feature to automatically search endpoints and what was inside of them. Additionally, developers don't have to worry about manually editing the YAML file to set the current version, the automated version tracking feature will do this work behind the scenes for them.