Hi there, I'm

Christian Lussier

A Software Engineer

Associate Software Engineer at ScienceLogic. A 2021 Allegheny College Computer Science Graduate. Doing my best to stay active and learn everything I can!

I recently graduated from Allegheny College near the top of my class with a B.S. in Computer Science. At Allegheny I also minored in Economics, was a Computer Science Teaching Assistant, and won the award for best Computer Science Senior Thesis. In my spare time I was also the Treasurer & Vice President of the Ice Hockey Club Team, while also serving as an officer of Allegheny's ACM chapter for a time! I am now a Associate Software Engineer with ScienceLogic. I am passionate about working with data in Python, implementing software solutions, and ensuring the final product is well-tested!


Software Engineering

I am used to working in a Software Engineering scrum team to design working features for customer needs. Have previous experience in using version tracking, pull request, and code review techniques.

Programming Languages

I am proficient in a variety of languages, most notably Python. I am also quite experienced in Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, R, and C.

Data Analysis and Management

I have been completing data analysis for a number of years, using technologies like R. I am also skilled in data management using SQLite3 and SQL.

Known Technologies

I have used a variety of technologies including Docker, REACT, Django, Flask, Pandas, GitHub, BitBucket, among others. When it comes to testing, I have done extensive work with pytest, unittest, mock, hypothesis, and JUnit. I am also experienced with developing in Linux, MacOS, and Windows environments.

Technical Skills

Skilled in algorithm analysis, technical writing, working in a Scrum team/sprint-based work environment, and more. Hold a strong understanding of CS fundamentals.

Customer Service

Skilled in providing efficient, informative, and courteous customer service. Patient and skilled when working through technical problems or understanding concepts with an individual.

Experience & Education

Public Code Repositories


2021 Code Contributions


Hot Cups of Coffee


Degrees Completed in 2021


Recent Projects

Stock Swing Predictor

Spring 2021 - Allegheny College Senior Thesis

Stock Story Scraper

Fall 2020 - Independent Study

NetApp Internship Capstone Project

Spring 2021 - Group Internship Project


Spring 2020 - Large Scale SE Project


Spring 2019 - Group SE Project

Foodborne Illness Data Analysis

Fall 2018 - Group Data Analysis Project

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